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At Dorothy's House, we provide clean and safe housing for our clients.  Each client will have their own space that they can feel safe in.  Clients are able to stay at Dorothy's House for the duration of their pregnancy.  There is no charge to our clients as we are supported by generous donations.



At Dorothy's House, we share the hope we have in Jesus Christ.  It is our desire that each client that comes through our door learns and fully knows how much God, and Creator of the universe loves them. We also help provide hope for a brighter future by giving our clients the tools they need to provide a housing and needs for their child.

Baby Decorative Sign


At Dorothy's House, we provide safe and clean housing, food until their services are set up, maternity clothing, toiletries and needs as they arise.  Before our mom's move out into their transitional or permanent housing, they are given a baby shower as well as we help them with setting up their new home.

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At Dorothy's House, it is our desire to support and encourage our clients in their journey towards self sufficiency.  We do this by offering help with signing up for services, taking them to look at possible housing, and help with filling out paperwork.  We also offer emotional support as we understand that this can be a very difficult time for our clients.

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